Welcome to the Armidale Companion Animal Shelter Website

On this website, you will find the faces and details of animals who are currently in need of a safe and loving home. Some of these animals have been surrendered, others found lost or having been abandoned. Now they are seeking a person, couple, or family who would like to enrich their lives and learn from our wonderful animal companions.

The Companion Animal Shelter often has both dogs and cats available who are looking for a loving home. Please watch this website for regular updates and photos of your future best friend. For details regarding registration fees, microchiping, and equipment sales and hire, please visit the Armidale Dumaresq Council website at : http://www.armidale.nsw.gov.au/council/128842/1064.html

Every effort is undertaken to place animals with suitable forever homes but it is necessary at times to make the decision that placement is not responsible or may refuse an adoption that is not in the best interest of the animal.

Enquiries can be forwarded to Phill Evans via the following:

Phone: 02 6771 5498
Fax: 02 6772 9275


Boof is a party guy. He's about 2 years old maybe, very clean in his kennel and really enjoys his romp with the volunteers. He's an active and solid boy though so probably not good around toddlers. Boof is a mixed breed, male and looking for love. For more details contact the shelter on 02 67715498

Adoption Details:
Adoption fee - $250 which includes:
Vaccinated - 1st vaccination
Desexed - included and compulsory - YES
Wormed - YES
Microchip - YES
Lifetime Registration in NSW - YES



UPDATE 10/2 Snoopy has now gone into foster care with RSPCA Armidale branch phone 0412 217 364
Snoopy is a young mixed breed female pup who was left on Waterfall Way with her sister about a month ago. Now recovered from her ordeal she is ready to face the world. She is a little shy still but just loves a cuddle. Snoop will grow into a medium to large dog, she has what I describe as a soft temperament and will need a moderate amount of exercise.



UPDATE 10 Feb - Lucky has found a new home in Ebor. Good luck Lucky!!
Labrador type mixed breed Lucky is around 2-3 years old. He's a beautiful boy and very attentive. He'd make a great family companion.  He could be the family pet you've been looking for!
For more details contact the shelter on 02 67715498

Adoption Details:
Adoption fee - $250 which includes:
Vaccinated - 1st vaccination
Desexed - included and compulsory - YES
Wormed - YES
Microchip - YES
Lifetime Registration in NSW - YES



 Little Fly found a new home here in Armidale!

Meet Fly, a Papillon type female and around 2 years old. Paps are happy, friendly and adventurous dogs and Fly is just that. So if your after a smaller dog that is happy not snappy, she could be for you.


UPDATE 8/1: Rusty has found a home working cattle at Kingstown!
Rusty is a young male, mixed breed  dog of around a year old. He's medium sized with plenty of drive. I'm not the first to suggest he might make a half decent Cattle worker, particularly on rough cattle. If he goes to a working home his cost is adjusted accordingly.  If your interested in Rusty give me a call or drop out to the shelter and meet him.


Sue, Pip and Yogi all found working homes in the district!

Sue is a female, sable, 5yo and experienced working on sheep She was one of 3 working dogs surrendered after her owner was let go from working on a property. Only known a working life and unlikely settle as a pet.
Available on short term trial basis.

Santa came early to the Shelter!!!

I had a wonderful visit on Friday from the group Rescue Resource in Sydney run by Deb Williams who sent a massive amount of specialist food products for older dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, toys for stimulation and items for our volunteers to use when spending time with the dogs and cats, puppies and kittens in our care.

We often feel that country rescue groups, pounds and shelters miss out on some of the support available in metro centers because of the distances involved but volunteer Jo Bell from the High Paws Canine Coaching in Newcastle made the trip to Armidale with her trailer full of resources.

So thank you Deb, Jo and Rescue Resources, it's given the shelter a great morale boost so close to Christmas, it really does feel like we've received our presents early!


Benson has found a new home in Armidale, good luck mate!
This is Benson
Benson is a beautiful male Staffordshire Bull Terrier that I estimate to be around 3-4 years old. Benson was brought to the shelter as a stray and was not reclaimed by his owner.  He's a solid guy with a solid temperament. Things to remember about Staffies include them often not great being with other same sex dogs or small furry animals but they make wonderful family pets, are great with kids and are a very loving dog. They also have a language quite different to other dogs so instead of barking they tend to talk. I think Benson might be what you've been looking for so why don't you come into the shelter and meet him. If you have a female dog already, bring her with you so they can meet each other on neutral ground.


UPDATE 3/11/2014 Lolly went to a RSPCA carer today good luck little 1
This is Lolly!
Lolly was surrendered to the shelter when her owners left the state and couldn't take her with them, although how you could leave her behind I do not know. She is a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier type dog and has just had her 7th birthday. Because she is a mature dog, there are no surprises with Lolly. What she is now is how she will always be, and there is a lot to like about how she is now. She gets on well with other dogs, loves children, is a hardy thing in good health. Things to remember about Jacks are that they are great hunters so a potential new owner will need to have a secure yard or even better bring her into the family home. They are sometimes not great with other small furry things as a result so guinea pigs and ferrets might not be suitable companions for her. If you would like to know more why not come out and meet her.



UPDATE 3/11/2014 BUZZ went to the adopt a pet day on Saturday and found himself a carer Good luck little fulla.
This is Buzz, a Jack Russell Terrier and 3 years old. Buzz's interests are chasing rabbits, meeting girl dogs for walks in the sunset and meeting people. Buzz arrived here in mid September as a stray and has not been reclaimed. Hardy, handsome and ready for a fresh start. Drop into the shelter to meet him or you could see him at the RSPCA Adopt A Pet day in Armidale on Sat 4 Oct.

Adoption Details:
Adoption fee - $250 which includes:
Vaccinated - 1st vaccination
Desexed - included and compulsory - YES
Wormed - YES
Microchip - YES
Lifetime Registration throughout NSW - YES

For more info call the shelter on 02 67715498

Thel and Lou

Update 21 Oct: Both pups now have homes, good luck little ones!
Meet Thelma  and Louise, 2 female Jack Russell Terrier type pups of around 8 weeks of age.

"Two friends who embarked on a road trip with disastrous consequences"

Like their movie namesakes they are outgoing and bold girls who will tackle anything.
It's quite rare for shelters to have small breed puppies available and I don't think they will be here very long so if they are what you have been looking for you should come in to meet them quickly, to delay could mean missing out.


UPDATE 4 Oct: Hooray, Gully has gone to live at Ava's house in Armidale!

Gully came to the shelter as a lost mixed breed puppy and nobody came for him. Now at around 16 weeks old, he is a very together little guy. He's big, in fact he's going to be quite big so you will need to factor in training, feeding and exercising if you want to make him yours. His heart is just as big, he loves people and other dogs and would be very easy to train. If your interested in meeting him drop out to the Shelter.


UPDATE 26 Sept: Sandy has found a great new family in Armidale. Have a wonderful life Sandy!

Meet Sandy, a female mixed breed pup of around 4-5 months of age. Sandy will grow to be a medium sized dog. She has a softer temperament, meaning less inclined to be dominant and she is also less boisterous than most pups of her age. She loves people but can sometimes be a little afraid, although this trait is quickly disappearing as she meets our team of volunteers. Sandy will make a great family companion but is unlikely to ever be a watchdog. If you think she might be right for your family you should come out to the shelter and meet her.


UPDATE 22 AUGUST:  Butch has now gone off with RSPCA carer Holly. You can contact the local branch on mob 0412 217 364

Meet Butch, he's a large mixed breed type dog which came to the shelter as a stray and was not claimed by his owner. He had clearly been well cared for and was wearing his lovely coat when brought to the shelter. He's obedient and loves a game, good with other dogs and children but he is quite large and would be pretty intimidating to a small child. He's a fit boy so would like lots of exercise, he walks well on a lead and knows how to sit when asked. For more details give me a ring or call out to the shelter and meet him.


UPDATE 14/4: Sweetie Sam is now in care with the RSPCA Armidale branch. For more info on Sam contact them on 
0412 217 364:

Sam is a male, Border Collie type, mixed breed pup of around 16 weeks of age. He came to us as a stray and unfortunately no owner came for him. A really sweet disposition but naturally active, he'll do best with someone who can give him their time to train and exercise him. 

The Armidale Express

The Armidale Express ran a story today on an increase in surrendered animals and unclaimed young stray dogs, during February, who were just not reclaimed by their owners and abandoned here. It is a confronting article about a lack of respect for the life of an animal but unfortunately shows the reality. I thought long and hard before approving the story but there is a real need to hold a mirror up to the community on issues like this.